impact Audiovisual Solutions Inc. is a family owned business offering Audio Visual installation services in the greater Toronto area, with over 10 years of experience in both the installation and event staging of high end A/V systems for corporate businesses and educational facilities.


In addition to our years of experience, our Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) technicians have received training from many of the predominant A/V manufactures in the industry and are certified members of Infocomm International. Our goal is to deliver quality work that will exceed your expectations 100% of the time, and we have the credentials to fulfill that goal.


We look forward to assisting you with all your A/V integration needs!

Our full range of Audiovisual services includes the installations of:



       Projection Screens

       Projector Lamp Replacement

       LCD Displays

       Sound Systems


Our company takes great pride in our work. We focus on the Audio Visual needs of businesses and educational institutions with our full range of interactive products.


We also specialize in the installation and servicing of Smart Technologies products and have been granted full installation credentials from Smart.


impact Audiovisual Solutions Inc. represents the gold standard in A/V installations incorporating the best technology available. We possess the industry certifications to give you peace of mind that our products will be installed efficiently and effectively.


Video Conferencing Equipment, etc.

Control Systems

Digital Whiteboards

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How do I choose a projector?


Before choosing a projector there are 3 things to take into account.


  1. Are you reusing a screen or whiteboard?

  2. Will my image be in a bright or dark setting?
  3. How large is my room?


If you have an existing screen/whiteboard, you want to look for a projector that will have the same aspect ratio as the screen. Screens can have any of the following aspect ratios: 4x3, 16x9 and 16x10. The first is easy to distinguish since it will look more like a square and the latter two will appear more like a rectangle (wide screen).


Sometimes circumstances force projectors/screens to be placed in bright areas. If you have a lot of windows or some other factor that may wash out your image, you can compensate by getting a projector with a higher lumens rating.


The size of your room will dictate the class of projector that you are looking for. As a point of origin, a 96” diagonal screen (16x10) is adequate for a classroom setting.


What is aspect ratio?


Pixels are dot-like units that your display is made up of. To maintain uniformity, standards are set and aspect ratio is a standard of proportion that corresponds to pixels. When a manufacturer states that their product is of a 4x3 aspect ratio, they mean that for every 4 horizontal pixels, there are 3 vertical pixels. In screens, instead of pixels it is a linear unit (inch or millimeter) that is inferred.


4x3 is a ratio used in older video signals and is being replaced by 16x9 or 16x10 ratios. TV or home video signals are 16x9, which is a bit different to from computer signals that use a 16x10 aspect ratio. Whichever ratio you want to use depends on what you will be displaying. Most applications will use a 16x10 aspect ratio since the source will be a computer.


My projector is not displaying in full screen. How do I fix this?


The most common cause of this problem is using a different resolution on your PC than the resolution that the projector is expecting. When using a projector, your PC must send the resolution that the projection was designed for. First, find the resolution that your projector is expecting (native resolution). Second, change your PC resolution to the appropriate one. If you need administrative rights, please you may need to contact your IT department.


In the case of an interactive projector, having the wrong resolution may affect the accuracy of gestures / touch.


What software can I use for my interactive projector?


Generally, interactive projectors function similar as to your regular computer screen. Think of an interactive projector as a computer screen, where the mouse is your finger/pen. Once the projector is installed and connected, you may use your computer exactly the same as before. Any software you have purchased will work as before.


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